Internal Auditor


The Internal Audit Department helps the Board of Trustees maintain the financial and operational integrity of the District by examining and analyzing District financial data, reviewing operations, programs and services. The Internal Audit Department prepares an annual audit plan to allocate resources and prioritize department audits throughout the year. In the course of our work, we review compliance with applicable laws and regulations, perform internal control and risk assessment evaluations, and provide consultation when requested. In completing each project, we recommend ways the District can use resources in a more efficient, effective and economical manner.

If you witness or suspect fraud or waste of District resources, we ask that you utilize our anonymous hot-line to report your findings. 

Fraud and Waste Hotline

Use the Fraud Hotline to report confirmed or suspected:

  • Fraudulent acts (illegal use, theft)  involving district funds or property,
  • Misuse or waste of district funds or property,

When calling, please provide as much information as possible including:

  • Date and time of occurrence
  • Name(s) of parties involved
  • Where the incident occurred     
  • Names and numbers of credible witnesses
  • Caller's name and phone number (optional)

Fraud hotline voicemail:  281-284-0185 or email

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