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College and Career Initiative

Clear Creek ISD uses the 16 federally defined career clusters and the Achieve Texas initiative to prepare students for secondary and postsecondary opportunities; career preparation and advancement; meaningful work; and active citizenship. This initiative demonstrates that academic concepts are reinforced and applied through high quality, rigorous technical education, and that every course includes both academic and technical skill practice.

CCISD offers students 14 career pathways that give them an opportunity to add an endorsement to their Foundation High School Program (FHSP) graduation plan. Each pathway combines academic courses with career-related courses. This helps students understand the relationship between education and careers and engage students in their own learning so they make informed decisions, graduate from high school and enroll in and complete college.

CCISD believes that career pathways connect students with their future and provide results that include the following:

  • More students graduating from high school

  • Growing enrollment in post-secondary programs

  • Demonstration of preparation to make informed college and career choices by high school students

  • Access to a larger pool of qualified workers gained by employers

  • Higher scores on standardized academic, career, and technical tests

Achieve Texas promotes curricula that incorporate the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards along with relevant teaching and learning designed to lead to post secondary success through the 16 career clusters. A Career Cluster is a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities.

Adapted from States’ Career Clusters Initiative, 2010, and Thriving in Challenging Times: Connecting Education to Economic Development through Career Pathways, 2010.

Are You Ready for College? Planning Guide

The planning guide provides students and families with tips on how to plan for college. Read how you can start preparing for college today and how to leverage Naviance to reach your goals.

With the "Are You Ready for College?" planning guides, you can get detailed, interactive tips and how-to's on using Family Connection. The guide features timely articles for high school students preparing for college. Topics include:

  • Real Talk: Maximizing the Student-Counselor Relationship

  • Helpful Hints: Where to Turn for Valuable College Tools and Advice

  • Check It: Timeline for College-Bound Students

  • You Own This! Taking Charge of Your College Quest

  • Finding Your Fit

  • College Cash: What You Need to Know

  • Major Misconceptions: What’s the Connection between Degree and Career?

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