Gifted & Talented Accepting Referrals for Program

The Clear Creek Independent School District Gifted and Talented Department accepts written referrals for students in grades 1-12 for the current school year.

Referrals are accepted on an ongoing basis, from the following: teachers, students, administrators, special education personnel, counselors, or parents/guardians. The referral must be submitted in writing to the Advanced Academic Specialist or to a campus counselor.

Gifted Services are designed for students who demonstrate significantly above-average achievement or potential in the areas of general intellectual ability, specific subject matter aptitude, and creative/productive thinking skills. Criteria for selection include cognitive skill tests, professional recommendations, classroom performance and portfolio samples.

All kindergarten students are screened for possible testing throughout the school year. The deadline for accepting referrals for students in kindergarten is December 1. For more information, feel free to contact your child's campus.

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