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A Special Message To Our Taxpayers

Thank you for supporting your neighborhood schools through the successful passage of the 2017 Clear Creek ISD Bond Program. On May 6, the community overwhelmingly authorized $487 million to build new or rebuild schools, replace portables with permanent additions, renovate aging schools to bring them up to today’s learning standards, improve school and bus safety through the purchase of surveillance equipment and buses, and expand opportunities for students to explore science and the arts. Every corner of this school district will be positively impacted by your vote.

We will do this work in Clear Creek ISD fashion and involve the community every step of the way from transparent and competitive bidding on projects to phasing projects to minimize disruption of school and neighborhood activities. We will work tirelessly to maintain the public’s trust through conservative financing practices and cost-saving measures as we have done in years past.  

A look into the immediate future, we will move expeditiously on building Elementary #27 to relieve significant overcrowding due to the volume of families calling Clear Creek ISD home. We will begin the rebuild of League City Elementary and major renovations to Clear Lake City Elementary and Armand Bayou Elementary. We will start plans to add onto Brookside Intermediate so that the 200 students we turn away from the Seabrook Science Magnet will have a second Science Magnet to attend. Brookside Intermediate along with Space Center Intermediate and League City Intermediate will see significant improvements in their respective fine arts areas to match the exceptional talent of the students the schools serve. We will add classrooms to Stewart Elementary and Clear Lake Intermediate. We will replace dangerous playgrounds with new places to play at many elementary schools. And this is all in year one of the five year bond program. My promise to you, our taxpayers, is that we will accomplish our bond goals.

If you voted in support of this bond, thank you! If you did not, we will work to earn your trust through our performance.

Greg Smith, Superintendent of Schools 

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