Clear Lake High School

clear lake high school

CompletedClear Lake High School

2929 Bay Area Blvd.
Houston, TX 77058

Clear Lake High School built in 1972: 364,359 square feet 
Enrollment as of 10/12: 2,414 
Compared to: Clear Springs High School built in 2007: 451,000 sq. feet 
Enrollment as of 10/12: 2,338

Clear Lake High School is an open campus with students moving between the Clear Lake 9th Grade Center and the main campus for classes. While the 9th grade center serves 9th graders only, many freshmen students move from the 9th grade center to the main campus to attend additional courses and electives throughout the day. With the flow of students back and forth between the two buildings, exterior doors of Clear Lake High School must remain open throughout the day; thus creating a safety concern. This current situation also impacts students during inclement weather. The rebuild of Clear Lake High School will address this issue with all four grades served in one, two-story high school. Currently Clear Lake High School is the only CCISD high school that continues to operate a separate 9th grade center. Without a major rebuild, Clear Lake High School requires more than $30 million in priority repairs.

Structural Concerns

Clear Lake High School is more than 40 years old. Built in 1972 and near the bayou, the main campus has major structural issues. The foundation is failing in parts of the campus, creating large cracks and slopes in several areas. 

Educational Adequacy 

The campus also lacks adequate space based on today’s educational standards. For example, the Texas Education Agency recommends 28 square feet per student in a classroom and 1,400 square feet as a minimum for science classrooms. More than 80 classrooms do not meet the square foot per student threshold. In addition, the teacher to student ratio has increased since 1972. It is not uncommon to have 25 to 30 students in a core course but these classrooms can only accommodate 15-20 students in straight rows. Teaching and learning in the 21st Century call for students to work collaboratively in groups and have access to technology. The current infrastructure in many areas of Clear Lake High School lacks this capability. 

Bond Proposal: $98,606,691

  • Major rebuild
    Two-story high school
    9-12 grade campus

  • Improve Wireless Access

  • Improve classroom technology

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