Computer Technician

computer technician

Clear Creek ISD offers a comprehensive Computer Technician program that prepares students for a variety of post-secondary options including IT certification programs, two and four year IT degree programs, and industry workplaces. Students will work towards obtaining the industry recognized A+ Computer Technician certification.

Computer Maintenance is the first in a series of courses that forms the foundation of building, maintaining, repairing and upgrading desktops, laptops and networks. The Computer Technician course enables students to continue their training with hands-on exercises on PCs and local area networks in a lab setting. Instruction will also focus on preparing students to take the industry recognized A+ Computer Technician Certification Exam.


Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance Lab

Computer Technician Practicum

Clear Creek ISD’s Computer Maintenance & Networking program is located at Clear Falls High School, but is open to all qualified students in the district. 

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