Broadband Communications

broadband communications
Broadband Communications is an innovative two-year program, open to all juniors and seniors in CCISD. It will provide students with opportunities to obtain up to 6 certifications recognized by industry.

Students learn about telecommunications technologies, fiber and copper-based cabling, and the design and installation of audio and video systems for both residential and commercial uses. They assemble, test and troubleshoot audio, visual, wired and wireless connectivity. They work with multi-zoned and single zoned arrangements, learn speaker placement and sound staging methodologies as well as interpreting blue prints to determine audio equipment placement. They design and install voice over IP telephone and communication systems and explore concepts in “green” technologies by learning energy-saving strategies that can then be passed on to the client. 

Students are given the opportunity to connect to area businesses for potential employment and learn job search, preparation and interview techniques.


Broadband Communications I

Broadband Communications II

Clear Creek ISD’s Broadband Communication program is located at Clear Brook High School, but is open to all qualified students in the district.

Please contact a College & Career Specialist for more information.
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