Investment Reports

The Texas State Legislature passed the Public Funds Investment Act in 1994 in response to financial crises in California caused when utility companies invested heavily in risky funds.  To ensure public funds in Texas wouldn't be placed in a similar situation, the act was drafted, defining the means and limitations public agencies must comply with before investing their funds.  All local and state governments are bound by provisions dictated by the Public Funds Investment Act.  For a copy of the Districts Investment Policy (CDA Legal & Local) CLICK HERE.

All investment officers of the District must attend a training session provided by an independent agency.  This training must be at least 10 hours long, and officers need to renew the training every two years.  This training must include education in investment controls, security risks, strategy risks, market risks, and diversification of investment portfolio.

As required by Section 2256.023 of the Public Funds Investment Act, not less than quarterly the investment officers shall prepare and submit to the Board a written report of investment transactions. 

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