Sections 44.002 through 44.006 of the Texas Education Code establish the legal basis for budget development in school districts.  Budgets for the General Fund, Debt Service Fund and Food Service Fund must be included in the official district budget.  These budgets must be prepared and approved at least at the fund and function levels to comply with the state's legal level of control mandates.  The district budget must be adopted by the Board of Trustees no later than August 31.

Each year's budget is provided in two levels of detail.  For those readers wishing a deep analysis of the District, its resources, and its programs, the Budget Analysis and Detail Report is the best option.  It provides in-depth analysis of all sources and uses of funds, enrollment projections, programmatic decisions, staffing, and a three year financial projection.  For readers wishing to see a high level summary of the District budget and key statistical data, the Budget Summary Report will provide a concise overview.

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