Program Evaluation

The purpose of program evaluation is multi-faceted. Program evaluations are used to:

  • Ensure program alignment with the District strategic plan
  • Assess program strengths and weaknesses
  • Assess program success in meeting the program's expressed goals
  • Improve, revise, or discontinue programs 

District programs include federal, state, and local initiatives. Local programs are initiated through a program proposal process and are approved by the Superintendent and/or Board of Trustees. Program proposals include the program name, program description, targeted student population, resources, funding, staff development, staffing, legal mandates, implementation period, and measurable objectives.

Instructional program evaluations consist of a study of the measurable objectives of the program, resulting in findings, recommendations, and/or conclusions. Evaluation reports are shared and discussed with the stakeholders of the program, the administrative staff responsible for implementation of the program, the Superintendent, and the Board of Trustees. Approved recommendations are reflected in revisions to the program and associated budget.

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