Pre AP/AP Program

A Different Kind of Class:
  • Through increased rigor, Pre-AP courses can help students acquire the skills and habits needed to be successful in high school and college. Through these courses, students will improve writing skills, time management skills, study habits and sharpen problem-solving abilities.

  • A Pre-AP classroom is different - in the teacher's approach to the subject, student attitudes, and ways of thinking.

  • In the Pre-AP classroom, the priority lies in intense discussions, rigorous learning with real-world applications, and clear and persuasive writing. Classroom activities are designed to engage students in problem solving, academic discourse and critical analysis.

Considerations for Pre-AP Coursework
  • The ability to prioritize time and interests

  • A positive attitude toward challenging coursework

  • A strong work ethic

  • Encouragement of teacher input

  • Independent study habits

  • Performance on State assessments

  • Course Level Change Procedures

Equity and Access to Pre-AP and AP Courses​

CCISD has a genuine commitment to preparing ALL students for challenging academic work. Pre-AP and AP courses have open enrollment, and students are encouraged to reap the benefits of rigorous coursework. College Board research clearly shows that students who participate in challenging coursework, including Pre-AP and AP courses, have considerably higher success in college.

OMEGA/Pre-AP/GT Program Design (Grades 6-8)

Each grade level has a team of teachers trained to work with advanced academics students. The academic core of the OMEGA/Pre-AP/GT program is language arts, social studies and, in some cases, science. Opportunities in math are available to fit individual students' needs. Interdisciplinary curriculum is developed to challenge students while preparing them for the rigor of Pre-AP and Advanced Placement classes. Critical reading, writing and research skills serve as foundation of Omega coursework.

Advanced Placement Courses

Enrollment in Advanced Placement courses should be based on a combination of ability, interest, and a desire to intellectually challenge oneself, since the curriculum requires more advanced and intensive work. Students may enroll in Advanced Placement courses in any subject in which they are offered.

As college level courses, Advanced Placement courses prepare a student for the Advanced Placement Examinations given by the College Board in the spring semester. A successful score, stipulated by each individual university on each Advanced Placement examination, determines the amount of college credit and/or course placement. Students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are strongly encouraged to take the corresponding examination. Financial aid to defray examination costs is available for eligible students.


 CCISD Advanced Placement Offerings

Chinese Language and Culture

English Language and Composition

English Literature and Composition

French Language

German Language


Spanish Language


Calculus AB

Calculus BC

European History

Gov’t and Politics: Comparative

Gov’t and Politics: United States

Human Geography




United States History

World History



Environmental Science

Physics 1

Physics 2 (available in 2014-2015)

Physics C: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism


Art History

Music Theory 

Studio Art: 2-D

Studio Art: 3-D

Studio Art: Drawing

Computer Science A

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