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Robotics has become a catalyst for inspiring and motivating students to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Robotic automation is on the leading edge of manufacturing today with more than 2.4 million CNC machines installed worldwide.

Students taking Robotics I learn the skills necessary for the robotics and automation industry. Laboratory work includes the use of industrial robot arms to perform various independent functions such as assembly and material handling processes. Students will have the chance to build prototypes and use simulation software to test their designs. In Practicum in Robotics, students learn about advanced topics including integration of robots and CNC machines into manufacturing. Other equipment studied will include motion controlled devices such as motors and sensors, use of vision systems and other automation equipment used in the industry.

Students will participate in team ventures in various roles as well as developed skills for managing projects. They will have the opportunity to earn the industry recognized Fanuc Robotics certification all while learning about the many career opportunities associated with Robotics.


  • Robotics I
  • Practicum in Robotics

CCISD's Robotics program is located at Clear Brook High School, but is open to all qualified students in the district.

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