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C3Studios is the District's live production student crew housed at Clear Creek ISD Challenger Columbia Stadium. C3Studios also supports audio-video requests from around the school district. From streaming robotics tournaments to creating feature videos promoting Career and Technical Education initiatives, C3Studios students are learning - and applying - skills that position them for success in future careers.

The C3 video board crew at Clear Creek ISD Challenger Columbia Stadium is comprised of CCISD Audio/Video students who create, direct, produce and bring an unforgettable game-day experience to our CCISD fans. All students are introduced to a wide variety of live production positions including producer, director, technical director, replay, graphics, camera, audio, and video shading.

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CTE AV Production Program Manager

Amber Pecsenye
C3Studios Program Manager


CCISD High School AV Programs

Clear Brook High School
Meghan Perry

At Clear Brook High School, we take a hands-on, total immersive approach to teaching and guiding the students in our Audio/Video program. From the first week of their first year to the last week of their last year, students work in teams to create dynamic video projects, including movie trailers, music videos, short films, and weekly episodes of CBTV. Through their shared experiences, students involved in CBTV establish a close camaraderie and develop a deep sense of pride.

Clear Creek High School
Wildcat Entertainment
Harry So

The Clear Creek High School AV program, Wildcat Entertainment, is a monthly show highlighting campus events, activities, and programs. AVI students learn the basics of scripting, filming, and editing while advanced students work on feature stories for the school and community. Students hone both creative and technical skills that they will utilize in their future professional endeavors.

Clear Falls High School
Knight Vision
Alex Petty

The Clear Falls AV program produces a weekly advisory program titled Knight Vision. This program promotes weekly campus announcements while highlighting all the unique programs, clubs, and organizations offered at Clear Falls. The advanced AV students produce, script, film, edit, and host the show. In addition to the weekly show, they also read the daily announcements. The students also create highlight videos for sports team banquets, graduations, and other administrative needs. Lastly, the advanced group produces short films for entries into competitions such as the 10 Day Film Festival and SXSW.

Clear Lake High School
The Lake Show
Scott MacKerran

The Clear Lake High School AV program focuses on giving the students an opportunity to try the many aspects of audio, video, and film production by using industry-standard equipment and facilities. From morning announcements and podcasts to bi-weekly video shows, multi-camera events, and short films, the students graduate knowing the concepts and terminology used in the field as well as an idea of what area of production interests them. Students begin by learning the basics during their first year by creating commercials, podcasts, music videos, and movie trailers. The students then move on to the advanced class where they can really focus on creating projects in their area of interest.

Clear Springs High School
Volt Vision
John Davis 

The Clear Springs AV program centers on educating through entertaining. Students are provided the tools, technology, and techniques to discover and understand many aspects of video production. First-year students concentrate on learning the basics of equipment and software through creating music videos, PSAs, movie trailers, stop motion, and other projects. The advanced students are responsible for producing a weekly show, Volt Vision, that highlights campus events, classes, activities and contains additional entertaining features. Additionally, students are learning transferable skills. AV students are motivators on campus. They understand time management and communication. Through Volt Vision, students display initiative, leadership, work effectively in groups to achieve goals, and develop skills that will help them in their future careers.

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