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Counseling Services

CCISD employs more than 100 employees dedicated to student and staff social and emotional health. School counselors serve as first responders for students in crisis, including mental concerns. They also guide, support, and aid students in course selections, graduation pathway, and career planning. 

Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

CCISD counselors provide direct and indirect services to students utilizing Texas Comprehensive School Counseling Program. The four components are the Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Planning, and System Support. The responsibilities of each area are as follows:

  • Guidance Curriculum: CCISD counselors teach guidance lessons in small and large groups settings to promote positive social/emotional development, healthy behaviors, and mental health awareness.

  • Responsive Services: All students have access to on-campus school counselors for assistance with personal and social concerns.

  • Individual Planning: During Individual Planning, CCISD counselors assist students as they plan and monitor their own educational and career development.

  • System Support: With System Support, CCISD counselors meet one-on-one with high-risk students, facilitate student support groups, provide risk screenings and assist in planning appropriate intervention strategies as needed.


Dedicated CCISD Team

In addition to our District office support team, each campus employs one to two full-time counselors. Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to staff as needed to aid in course selection, career planning, guidance, counseling, and more. 

Resources, Support & Counselor Certifications

CCISD Core Values

Guidance and Counseling Services are the stewards of the CCISD Core Values. These values are present in character as well as teaching methodologies. 

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Work to improve your school, community and country

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Play by the rules and consider the needs of others