The Volunteer Cheer: February 2018

The Volunteer Cheer: February 2018
Posted on 02/28/2018
Super Dads Club

Clear Creek ISD values the passion and dedication of our volunteers who give of their time and apply their talents and skills to serve our children, schools and community. The students and staff of Clear Creak ISD thank you for your service!

In this edition of The Volunteer Cheer, meet the Super Dads Club from Hall Elementary.

Seven fathers, “the first seven,” spearheaded the foundation of the Super Dads Club during the 2015-2016 school year at Hall Elementary. The Super Hero idea was born from the first event the team organized to honor first responders. The dads designed a Superhero t-shirt and from then on, they were recognized as the Super Dads. This unique group of fathers nurtures the relationships with their children by organizing and attending school events and doing manual work for the school. From doling out warm welcomes and high fives to students at the beginning of the year to pressure washing the school grounds, the Super Dads hope to encourage other fathers to be involved in their children’s lives within the school setting.

“My message is that only 30 minutes of being with your child at school can make a difference in your child’s life,” said Chris Dunbar. “We want to encourage dads to be present because your child wants to show you off,” Chris Dunbar said.

Their presence has positively impacted their children and community. “When our children help us set up for an event or play dodgeball, it is all about hard work and spending time together. It even becomes a technology free zone as we are having a great time together,” Dunbar said. The club has 238 members with 50 of them being active members. The group of fathers meets once a month to organize events and activities focused on topics such as bullying, healthy eating, the Father Daughter Dance, and more, to support their children and school.

“They are fantastic and lead in many ways around our campus. Helping with events after hours, leading our Mother’s Day event, and providing support to the PTA projects,” said Stephanie King, Principal of Hall Elementary. “We are so thankful for our Super Dads!”

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