Car Rider Line Podcast

Car Rider Line

The District launched its new podcast, 
Car Rider Line, which will provide an innovative outlet of two-way communication with the school community. The bi-weekly podcast will dive deeper into a wide-range of educational news, district initiatives, achievements and resources with District leaders, area experts and other special guests. 

Episodes will also be recorded live on the Clear Creek ISD Facebook page so listeners can join in on the conversation for that week before the episode is published. Be sure to follow us!

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EPISODE 101: Navigating Course Selection
Clear Creek ISD Director of Guidance and Counseling Natalie Uranga and Director of Career and Technical Education Dana Morgan talk through the course registration process and the unique opportunities for intermediate and high school students.

EPISODE 102: The Power of the Positive Word

Have you noticed that towards the end of the school year, apathy begins to kick in for both students and adults? Host Elaina Polsen sits down with CCISD Counseling and Guidance Coordinator Dava West, Principal Monica Speaks of Clear View High School, and Coalition Manager Amanda McLauchlin for the Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Families to talk through the signs parents and teachers can look for in students and tips on how to combat this behavior by instilling a sense of empowerment and empathy from within. They also give examples of what some of our campuses, such as Clear View, are already doing help.

EPISODE 103: Live Town Hall Meeting on Juuling & Vaping

In this episode, you will hear a live recording of a virtual town hall meeting CCISD hosted on the dangers of a new teen trend: vaping and juuling.

EPISODE 104: School Boundary Changes & Bond Update

District leaders talk through the recent school boundary process and what parents need to know for the implementation of these changes for the 2019-2020 school year.
EPISODE 105: Parent Assistance Center

CCISD Director of Parent Assistance Tony Davila talks through the Parent Assistance Center and his role within our district to take parent engagement and satisfaction to the next level. He brings a varied background in fostering positive and productive relationships with parents and other stakeholders in the public education system.
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