Expectations for Online Assessment

Expectations for Online Assessment


Online Assessment Protocol – Best Practices for Teachers
Administering Individual, Time-Based Assessments

Assessment is the process of collecting data for the purposes of measuring and verifying student academic growth and making decisions about future instructional goals. When teachers assess student learning, they consider the many ways students demonstrate mastery. Student assessment should include evaluative, formative, and summative tools.

For the 2020-2021 school year, the Department of Assessment and Evaluation recommends the use of online, open-source, open-ended assessments1 using a CCISD-approved platform and tied to clear learning targets, success criteria, and learning standards available in Eduphoria: Aware. In the case of online assessments, CCISD defines open-source as the use of print and/or online resources available to students. Open source does not include collaborating with other individuals or “crowd-sourcing” answers, unless directed by the teacher.

Following the practices in the PDF (below) before, during, and after assessment promotes fairness and accuracy in assessment design and administration. Italics indicate practices specific to remote test administration (Clear Connections and School-to-Home).

Best Practices for Teachers


Open-source assessment is a useful approach for “enhancing student learning while effectively preparing our students for real-world operational decision making” (Green, Ferrante, & Heppard, 2016).

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