Lunchbyte Tuesdays


30 minute webinars for those hungry to help their children at home

You bring your lunch and computer, and we give you access to your child’s education

 Parents give CCISD high marks in providing their children a world-class education. On the flip-side, they give us ‘improvement required’ when it comes to giving moms, dads and guardians the tools to help their child at home. Sure, we have parent nights, curriculum nights, and PTA programs galore, but what you really want is to learn on your own time.

Lunchbyte Tuesdays are 30 minute webinars designed to give parents information, training and tips on the various tools available today.  Here is how to join us for lunch and learn.

Select from the calendar the Lunchbyte of interest. Join us at the time and we will provide you a link to the live webinar and a link to the live chat section. If you can’t take a lunch break with us, you can access the session at any time or join us live in the evening during our Late Lunch sessions.

For those who don’t have access to a computer or prefer to visit with us face-to-face, we will host 90 minute sessions in person in the spring and fall.

Upcoming Events

No events available.
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