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Clear Creek Independent School District is excited to offer DreamBox Learning to elementary students as an adaptive, online approach to math curriculum. The program is designed to enhance and engage learners beyond traditional classroom instruction by meeting students at the correct level with personalized instruction that allows your child to work on activities that are specifically geared to meet his or her individual needs. As they progress through each portion of DreamBox, the program provides activities that are meant to challenge the child and close gaps in learning. Through consistent practice, your child will develop stronger math fluency, problem solving skills, reasoning and conceptual understanding.

Family involvement is extremely important and beneficial. While students use the program for a designated amount of time during classroom instruction, additional time is encouraged at home, as needed. So please encourage your child to get on DreamBox as often as possible. As a parent, you are able to see your child’s progression through the parent dashboard. The program also sends out emails to parents about significant academic milestones that your child has achieved. 

What is DreamBox?
DreamBox Learning is a robust TEKS-based learning software that empowers students to enhance their mathematical proficiency through personalized, student-centered supports. The program challenges students to drive their own learning through a user-friendly, game-like platform that blends interactive learning with state-mandated curriculum guidelines. 


Why DreamBox?
DreamBox offers an interactive approach to mathematics through adaptive technology that focuses on the unique needs of students and works to reach them at their individual level of learning. While traditional instruction often allows for extended guidance from teachers and parents, DreamBox encourages learners to test their knowledge and learn from their mistakes without external support.  Students who frequently rely on outside adult support, often advance prematurely beyond the skill level for which they are ready. The DreamBox platform recognizes that when students struggle in a particular area, reteaching is needed, and the student is redirected to a previous lesson. Within that same concept of personalized, responsive learning, students who are progressing ahead of their grade level targets have the option to move to advanced lessons.

Benefits of using DreamBox:

  • Adapts to the learner’s individual needs
  • Aligns to state and regional standard
  • Provides access for English-Language Learners
  • Provides teachers with data that can be used to drive small group instruction
  • Ensures learners understand the content through assessment
  • Parents are able to see their child’s progress using the parent dashboard

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