Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part 5

Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part 5
Posted on 05/31/2017
Hana Short

Change can be hard and a little scary for anyone, but when it means leaving the only home you have ever known when you’re only 12, that can be a lot to handle.

But Hana Short didn’t let that steer her away from her goals.

At 12, Hana was adopted from her home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and came to the United States leaving behind her older sister.

“It was scary,” Hana said. “I had to start a completely different life – a new school, new family and new friends.”

She knew a little English before she moved, but coming to the United States meant having to learn it even more.

“Being enrolled at Clear View really helped with that transition,” Hana said. “I really liked having my teacher’s attention and getting the one-on-one learning opportunities I needed.”

At Clear View High School, Hana enrolled in the school’s cosmetology program where she learned a lot of basic skills. In the program, students begin by learning about product knowledge, effective communication, sanitation and hair, skin and nail care.

Hana was able to gain real world experience on both mannequins and live models and learn how to use all different kinds of cosmetology equipment found in modern salons.

“It was a really great opportunity,” Hana said. “It’s been great experience and I feel will be something really great I can fall back on.”

After graduation, Hana wants to try and become a flight attendant – hopefully for Southwest Airlines, she said.

“I want to see the world,” Hana said. “There’s so many places I want to visit and see.”

Places like Hawaii or anywhere with beautiful beaches, she said.

She also hopes to be able to visit her sister more, who she still is able to visit with over Facebook regularly.

But she even has plans after her time seeing the world. She hopes to also pursue a degree in nursing, which is something she has been inspired to do since her mother is a midwife, she said.

“I just have so many things I want to do and places I want to see,” Hana said. “I feel like now is my time!”

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