Taxpayer Responsibility

As the owner of property it is your responsibility to make sure that all ownership and mailing address information is promptly and correctly recorded with your county appraisal office.  

If you have moved, changed your mailing address, changed your name or buy/sell property it is your responsibility to contact the county appraisal district promptly.  Tax offices are required to mail tax bills to the address of record provided by the appraisal district.

A post office “change of address” is not acceptable notification. It is also the taxpayer’s responsibility to apply for any exemptions, protest value and update records by the due dates outlined by the appraisal district. 

The appraisal district has the only authority to change property tax records, not the individual tax offices. The tax office cannot add, remove or correct owners or mailing addresses, or add any exemptions or adjust property values without a certified tax roll from the appraisal district.  The tax office may get a tax roll once a month or less often depending on the time of year. If taxes are due, never wait for a change to pay. Avoid any penalty and interest being added to the account by paying the tax on time. Taxes are due on or before January 31, no matter whose name is on the bill.  

Contact the county appraisal office: Harris County Appraisal District (713) 957-7800 or Galveston Central Appraisal District toll free 1 (866) 277-4725.

As a property owner,  the responsibility falls on you to know which taxing authorities will tax your property, when taxes are due and ensure taxes are paid on time.  The Appraisal District can tell you which tax offices will tax your property.  This is especially important as January 31 payment deadline nears. It takes time for ownership records to be filed and recorded.  

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