Enrollment Documents

Parents or guardians of students new to the district should present the following items for their child at the time of registration:   

  1. Birth Certificate [Request Documentation Online]

  2. Immunizations Record  

  3. Two proofs of residency in the Clear Creek Independent School District: 

    • Current deed to a house in the name of the parent/guardian seeking to enroll a child, or current mortgage or payment book, and a copy of a current electric bill, or water utility bill for the address identified. 

  4. Last report card or withdrawal form from previous school district 

  5. Social Security Card (Social Security Number is recommended but not required. A student who does not provide or have a social security number will be assigned a state identification number)

  6. Parent/Guardian I.D. (driver's license, passport, military I.D.)   

Continuing students within the District shall provide a current electric or water utility bill for the address identified as residence. A copy of this information will be kept on file.  

Records normally required of all students in order to enroll may not be required for students who are unaccompanied, homeless or in foster care in order to enroll. Click here for more information or contact our District Homeless Liaison, Dr. Jeanne deVezin at 281-284-0083.

For more information about the admission policy, please go to the Clear Creek ISD Policy On Line® web site.

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