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<<<  Click "Find or Pay Tax Bill "  link to the left to find a tax account.


All of our accounts are available on-line at Find or Pay Tax Bill. Printed statements provide a three (3) month payoff.  Please print or view receipts for payment and payer information.  Please view the examples below if using CAD or PID numbers to search.
  • Harris County CAD example 235140000015 (no dashes for Harris County Accounts)
  • Galveston CAD example: 2703-0000-0001-000 (dashes required for Galveston County Accounts)


CCISD is a taxing entity that has properties in two counties: Harris & Galveston County.  

When available please reference our account number. Otherwise use the county CAD or PID numbers for Harris or Galveston County. Please note that Galveston CAD numbers have dashes.

Due to the availability of our website, Clear Creek ISD Tax Office has phased out fax service for bill request and account inquires; however, you can still mail your written request to the our office. We will honor your mailed requests as quickly as possible. Take note, we have high phone and customer traffic at month end and may not be able to fulfill requests for tax bills on these days. Please visit the Tax Office web page for more information.

Mortgage Companies and Tax Agents: All written bill requests should be received in our office no later than September 30th or bills will be mailed to taxpayer.

Mail request to:                                 Physical Address:

Clear Creek ISD Tax Office               Clear Creek ISD Tax Office
P.O. Box 799                                     2425 E. Main St.
League City, TX 77574                      League City, TX 77573


Make Checks payable to: CCISD Tax Office
  • We do honor postmarks
  • Do not staple check 
  • Render payment in full. 
  • No duplicate bill fee if account number is on check or stub
Payments without tax bills or payments made after January 31 and all other correspondence:

CCISD Tax Office
P.O. Box 799 
League City, Texas 77574 

Only use Dallas address if you will be sending the detachable coupon from the original tax bill.   Do not mix original coupons with bills printed bills from internet.  If you must mix bills please send to League City address.

CCISD Tax Office
P.O. Box 650395 
Dallas, Texas 75265 

(Only use Dallas address if you will be sending original tax bills with your payment)


This is the address of our bank’s payment processing center. Payments with coupons are processed electronically and promptly posted to account. Any mail received after January 31 or without coupons will be forwarded to  League City Location which will delay payment posting.

Certified Mail or Over Night Deliveries  

CCISD Tax Office
2425 E Main
League City, TX 77573 

Electronic Tape Request (mortgage companies)

All requests for Electronic Tape Files and Payments by Tape must be processed through our software provider: Governmental Data Service (GDS) toll free at 1 (800) 431-6176 or 1 (817) 431-6176

All requests for tape layouts and formats contact: James at 1 (800) 431-6176 or 1 (817) 431-6176
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