T-TESS Resources



  • Log in to the T-TESS portal, which is www.teachfortexas.orgREMEMBER TO USE FIREFOX OR GOOGLE CHROME.
  • Click on APPRAISERS; then click on CERTIFICATION
  • At this point, log in with USER NAME, which is your CCISD e-mail, and your password.  If you need assistance, contact T-TESS support:   support@teachfortexas.org or 512-919-5260.
  • As before, you will be scripting and rating a lesson and answering questions about the post conference.
  • The portal District Certification Report by Teacher will be used by HR for recertification verification.  It is NOT necessary to e-mail a copy of your new certificate to HR this year.  You may want to print a copy of the new certificate for your records, however.
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