Research Requests Impacted by COVID-19

Due to the widespread concerns regarding the impact of COVID-19, the health and safety of students and staff are the highest priorities. At this time, the CCISD Research Review Board (RRB) is accepting internal and external applications to conduct research.

Research Requests

The Clear Creek Independent School District and the Department of Assessment and Evaluation support high-quality research that addresses well-informed research questions of educational importance.

At the same time, the District has moral and legal obligations that require oversight of research activities that make use of District resources.   Those resources include confidential data, facilities, time involved for faculty and staff, and access to students.

To conduct research in the District, a proposal must be submitted to and reviewed by the Clear Creek ISD's Research Review Board.  The Research Review Board meets monthly to review proposals. 

External research proposals must:

  • demonstrate clear and direct educational value to the District,
  • be a minimal intrusion on instructional time and duty time of District employees,
  • manifest a sound research methodology, and;
  • comply with current privacy laws.

The potential direct benefit to Clear Creek ISD must outweigh demands on District resources and align with Clear Creek ISD's policies and practices.

The Research Review Board strongly encourages researchers to first explore the school-level data already publicly available.  Researchers wishing to use publicly available data do not need to submit a research application to the District.

To view or request existing data the District normally collects and has readily available, please submit a Public Information Request.

To address the issue of survey fatigue that is impacting survey response rates in Clear Creek ISD, please consider other options before proposing surveys as part of your proposal.  If you have research questions that can be answered with existing Clear Creek ISD survey items, the District is happy to consider sharing existing data.  The Research Review Board will be very selective in accepting proposals that include surveys.

Researchers should submit their proposal at least 60 days in advance of the date they plan to begin research activities. 

Contact Us

Coney DeHart
Chair, CCISD Research Review Board

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