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The Clear Creek Independent School District and the Athletic Hall of Honor Board of Directors recently announced the 2019 class of inductees to the prestigious Hall of Honor. The 2019 class includes four legendary coaches, five outstanding athletes and two winning teams.

The 2019 class was chosen through an extensive nomination and selection process for bringing distinction, honor and excellence to themselves, their alma mater schools and community. The Athletic Hall of Honor was established in 2016 and each year encompasses athletes of a specific era, folding in CCISD high schools as they were formed. For the current 2019 nomination and award window, the nominee had to be a coach or graduate of Webster High School, Clear Creek High School or Clear Lake High School between the years of 1948 and 1987.

“The CCISD Athletic Hall of Honor has already evolved into a cherished tradition as a meaningful way to recognize our exceptional alumni and preserve our District’s great history in athletics,” said Bill Daws, Athletic Hall of Honor Board President and former CCISD Director of Athletics. “We look forward to recognizing this fine group of alumni and coaches on October 26 of this year - and etching their names in history.”

2019 Athletic Hall of Honor Inductees

Coach Honorees:

Allen Dean Holtman* – Clear Creek High School, 1974 - 1993

Paul Gips* – Clear Creek High School, 1962 - 1983

Henry F. Bauerschlag* – Clear Creek High School, 1953 - 1984

Buddy Carlisle – Clear Creek High School, 1976 - 2006


Student Athlete Honorees:

Boonie Wilkening – Webster High School, 1955

Susie Kelly Flatau – Clear Creek High School, 1970

Susan N. Brand – Clear Creek High School, 1972

Nancy Olson – Clear Creek High School, 1974

Barry Dittman – Clear Lake High School,1975

Team Honorees:

1956 Webster High School Boys Basketball Team, UIL Third in State
Coach George B. Carlisle*
Asst. Coach Henry F. Bauerschlag*

Pat Jensen* – 1956 James Wesley Davis* – 1957
Garvis Hadley – 1956 William Frost – 1957
Paul Blanchard* – 1956 Tom Goodman* – 1957
Lawrence Smith* – 1956 Gary Brizendine – 1957
Bill Galey – 1956 Ronnie Wohn – 1957
Garland Smith* – 1956 John Hancock* – 1957
Joe Dickson – 1956 Stanley Magee* – 1957
Robert Brown – 1957

1983 Clear Lake High School Girls Volleyball Team, UIL 5A State Champions
Coach Angie Chivers
Asst. Coach Janis Balsamo

Cheryl Blumentstein Forrest – 1984 Christine Liller Idinge – 1986
Sherry Smith – 1984 Deborah Shelley – 1986
Kristina Predmore Godina – 1984 Dara Cox Wheeler – 1986
Sue Schelfhout Berg – 1985 Jill Blumenstein Brown – 1987
Joelle Condon – 1985 Kiki Green, Manager – 1985
Kathleen Riley – 1985 Roger Schmitt, Manager – 1986
Julie Fournet White – 1985 Missy Godeke, Manager – 1985
Jennifer Thorson Kosel – 1985 Tina Lopez, Manager – 1985
Susan Schmitt – 1985

* posthumously


Special thanks to 

Slade Lewis, Clear Creek High School, '89
Cindy Lewis, Clear Creek High School '88

the Luis Garcia family 
Luis Garcia, Clear Creek High School, '88
Darius Garcia, Clear Falls High School, '14
Briana Garcia, Clear Falls High School, '18

for their invaluable support as Founding Sponsors of the Athletic Hall of Honor. 

Gold Sponsors:

HomeTown Bank of League City
Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union
Joe  McKinney, Clear Creek High School, '65
and Jennifer McKinney
Hugh Taylor, 
Clear Creek High School, '59 and 
and Kathleen Trcka Taylor, Clear Creek High School, '60
Jay and Leah Buhner

Silver Sponsor:

Esteban's Café & Cantina

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