CCISD Access For All

CCISD Access For All

Join the CCISD Community in providing internet access for families facing hardship. 

The world is a different place than it was several short months ago. 

In Clear Creek ISD, economically disadvantaged families total nearly 29% of the population. This number is expected to rise given the economic ripple effects of the COVID-19 crisis and shutdowns. 

What has NOT changed is the importance that every child has the ability to learn and succeed. It is Clear Creek ISD's mission to ensure every student has access to their learning in the virtual environment that has become a critical lifeline to the school house and teachers. 

How Does the District Determine Who Needs Help?

Through family surveys and follow-up outreach, the District identifies families lacking any viable internet access. Technology staff and campus counselors work together to first support families in locating alternate free internet options that may be available through CCISD campus network signals, community open access points and District partnerships. 

If after these options are exhausted and the family is still unable to gain a reliable internet or WiFi connection, the District aims to supply a low-cost Hotspot so that students in each household can connect to their instruction and coursework. 

How Can I Help?

Through CCISD Cares, Clear Creek ISD's 501(c)3 non-profit supporting families through crisis, organizations and individuals may support the District's efforts to provide WiFi access points to families facing hardship.

Simply click on the link on the navigation bar to the left, "Make a Donation," and select the drop down "WiFi Hotspots for CCISD Families in Need."

Access for All

Clear Creek ISD Appreciates the Following Groups for Sponsoring CCISD Student Hotspots

City of Clear Lake Shores
City of Kemah
Clear Creek Community Church
Clear Creek Education Foundation
Clear Lake United Methodist Church
Taylor Lake Village


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