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Destination Graduation and Beyond

In Clear Creek ISD, we empower students to Achieve, Contribute and Lead with Integrity beyond graduation. Whether students are headed for college, the armed forces or directly into the workforce, CCISD provides a practical toolkit of resources and events for future alumni to be prepared for what’s on the other side of the graduation stage.

Readiness Starts Now

Steps to prepare for life and learning after high school

Explore Career and Technical Education
Enroll in CCISD Clear to College
Financial Aid Night Livestream
Earn College Credit
College Admission Testing




What is College, Career & Military Readiness?

College, Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) is about preparing students for life after graduation. It is made up of curriculum, resources, programs and activities that help students have the tools they need to enter college or the workforce and begin a career. CCMR is integrated into the everyday culture of our district and is supported by state guidelines, partnerships with higher education organizations and businesses.

The CCMR component of the Student Achievement domain, which is used to help determine a school district’s annual accountability rating, measures graduates’ preparedness for college, the workforce, or the military. The Student Achievement CCMR denominator consists of previous year annual graduates. Annual graduates are students who graduate from a district or campus in a school year regardless of cohort. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has defined a set of indicators that students can earn to be considered college, career or military ready.


Career Readiness

Clear Creek ISD offers robust Career & Technical Education (CTE) programming for students in ninth through twelfth grade and several courses for career exploration for students in seventh through eighth grade. While reinforcing state and national academic standards, CTE courses provide exposure to and training in career areas of direct interest to the student. Through rigorous technical instruction, students gain hands-on experience by actively participating in authentic real-world problem solving in the most relevant and in-demand career fields.

Click here to learn more about the many offerings available to students





Clear to College

Clear Creek ISD's Clear to College is an online, self-paced post-secondary planning course in CCISD YOUniversity. Lessons range from guidance on the college entrance essay and admission testing to support through the Common Application and Apply Texas process.

Whether students are headed for college, the armed forces or directly into the workforce, CCISD provides a practical toolkit of resources and events for future alumni to be prepared for what’s on the other side of the graduation stage. The information is shared in CCISD YOUniversity's Clear to College Course.

This online, on-demand post-secondary planning course is available for all CCISD high school families.

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Financial Aid Night Information Session

To learn more about the financial opportunities to pay for college, CCISD hosts a Financial Aid Night where members of the CCISD counseling team and a local college financial aid representative review grants, scholarships, and financial aid options for graduating seniors.

Q&A From Financial Aid Night, January 24, 2024

Financial Aid 101 Handout
Scholarships 101 Handout

College and Career Fair

To offer an opportunity for students and families to learn more about different career paths and college options, CCISD hosts the College and Career Fair. This annual, in-person event attracts state and national college admission representatives, armed forces representatives as well as a variety of local businesses. It’s an excellent way to ask questions, discuss your personal journey, and find the best fit for your future.

Military Readiness

In addition to exemplary JROTC programming at CCISD schools, the District welcomes all branches of the military to share information on serving in the armed forces and associated benefits including tuition assistance.

Information about Military Readiness


Earn College Credit

Learn about the different program options for students to earn higher education or industry credentials while in high school.

OnRamps Dual Enrollment

New for 2024-2025 OnRamps coursework refers to dual enrolment courses that offer a hybrid delivery approach. Students meet university-level college readiness standards by enrolling in a course taught by both a high school teacher trained through the University of Texas (UT) OnRamps program and an accredited college instructor.

OnRamps students:

  • are enrolled in two different institutions
  • taking one course
  • with a UT-trained high school instructor and an accredited college instructor
  • earn two different grades
  • OnRamps students have a choice of whether or not to accept the college grade on a college transcript.

For more information ask your school counselor

Dual Credit

Clear Creek ISD is proud to partner with both College of the Mainland and San Jacinto Community College to provide CCISD high school students the opportunity to jump-start their college education through the dual credit program. Dual Credit allow students to take certain college courses at College of the Mainland or San Jacinto Community College and earn both college and high school credit.

It is the student and parent's responsibility to research transferability of Dual Credit course(s) and/or Early Admission course(s) to other institutions of higher education.

CCISD Dual Credit Crosswalk

CCISD Dual Credit Guidelines

a group of student walking with backpacks on a college campus

COM Collegiate High School

Collegiate High School (CHS) aims to prepare high school students for college credits, fostering academic, interpersonal, and work-readiness skills. Through transition classes, students can become full-time college students at the College of the Mainland, maintaining support from their high school. Students enrolled in CHS will be required to take the STAAR EOC assessments at their zoned high school campus. CHS students are considered college students, following college procedures, and must be self-motivated. The program allows students to fulfill high school and associate degree requirements concurrently. Interested students apply through their high school counselor, with applications reviewed from March to April and final decisions made by CHS.

For more information and a copy of the application, visit COM Collegiate High School



Entrance Exams

Students are encouraged to take college entrance exams beginning in their junior year. The SAT and ACT are universally accepted college entrance exams for all colleges. Students may take the SAT and ACT as many times as they wish to improve on scores. Colleges will consider the student's highest score. The TSIA2 is another college entrance exam option for students interested in enrolling in public colleges and universities in Texas. The TSIA2 is usually taken during the senior year if TSIA exemption requirements have not been met with an ACT or SAT score. 

Clear Creek ISD Funded Testing and Test Prep Opportunities

Clear Creek ISD is fortunate to be able to provide our students with multiple opportunities to take post-secondary readiness and entrance exams.

  • All 10th grade students have the opportunity to take the PSAT NMSQT in the fall.
  • All 11th grade students have the opportunity to take the SAT in the spring.
  • All seniors have the opportunity to take the TSIA2 in the spring and in the fall for early graduates. 

Clear Creek ISD partners with Methodize to provide FREE college entrance exam prep. Students can access their account in the CCISD Single Sign-in portal. 

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