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Booster Clubs

Booster clubs complement student programs at the secondary level by providing financial and operational support. 

Booster Clubs are parent organizations established to promote and support school programs and student interest groups. This includes, but not limited to, raising supplemental funds through fundraising activities for use by the associated program to enrich student experiences. In Clear Creek ISD, there are currently 183 total booster clubs with 900 parents involved. While Booster Clubs work cooperatively and closely with the District and its employees, a Booster Club is a separate 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Additionally, your child has to be involved in the program to be involved in the booster club. Please contact the current coach or sponsor to get involved!

10 Steps to Start a Booster Club!

  1. Get the OK from your Principal
    Email or call the Principal and copy your sponsor. 
  2. Create a name for your Club
    Include the campus name + activity (Seabrook Int. Band Booster Club). The IRS prohibits using previously registered names. 
  3. Elect Officers
    A minimum of three officers are required (usually President, Treasurer and Secretary). Exceptions should be emailed to the Auditor.
  4. Draft Bylaws
    Bylaws serve as your operating guide for nearly every booster club situation. A sample is provided on the Auditor's department web page.
  5. Apply for an EIN
    Applications for Employee Identification Numbers are handled online. You will receive your EIN electronically in 5 minutes
  6. Email Copies
    Email a copy of your EIN and signed bylaws to the To waive the $275 application fee, the Auditor must send documents to the IRS on your behalf.
  7. Open a bank account
    Bylaws and first meeting's minutes are required to open an account. Ask for a booster club account not a business account.
  8. Look for a state exemption letter
    The Auditor will apply for your state exemption on your behalf. You will receive a letter in 3-4 weeks. Please retain for your records. 
  9. File for a Sales Tax Permit
    If you plan to host more than two taxable fundraisers per year, apply for a Sales Tax Permit online Do not apply if you will not host more than two taxable fundraisers.
  10. File taxes on time!
    FEDERAL taxes = filed 1x per year with the IRS.
    STATE taxes = filed 4x per year with the Texas Comptroller's Office, only if you have a Sales Tax Permit.

Insurance Payment

Enter your Booster Club Name in the box to begin the payment process. You do not need a PayPal account to pay online. You will receive an automated receipt. 

Note: Payment will appear on your statement as CCISDSUPP, which is the CCISD Support Group.

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