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Every Day Counts

Learning is not the same without your children!

Parents, please be sure to send your children to school every day and on time. Missing just two days of school a month can significantly impact their learning progress and over time, chronic absences can put them behind grade level.  


Here is what you can do to keep your child on track:  

  • Only keep them home if they are truly ill.  
  • Schedule doctor appointments and vacations on non-school days. Click here to see the academic calendar. Clear Creek ISD added four additional student holidays to the calendar which are not federal holidays.  
  • Maintain routines for eating, sleep, and homework even on non-school days.  
  • Alert a counselor or your child’s teacher if there is something happening at school that has your child thinking twice about attending.  

Attendance Policy and Procedures 

Student attendance is compulsory in Texas. All students enrolled in public schools are required to attend school. This applies to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.  

If a student is absent for whole or part of the day, it is required that parents/guardians submit a note with their signature to the front office within three (3) days of their absence(s).  If not received within three days, the absence will be unexcused. 

Accepted Notes: 

  • Medical Note. In order to return to school, a doctor’s excuse note is required after (5) five consecutive absences due to illness.
  • Court Note 
  • Official note for observance of religious holy days 
  • Verification of college visit. Juniors and Seniors are permitted two excused absences per year for college visits. 

Attendance Policy

Every Day Counts!

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Tips to help you be on time for school  

  • Picking out your clothes the night before can save 10 minutes. 

  • Shower the night before to reduce what you must do to get ready in the morning. 

  • Train yourself! On the weekends, wake up the same time you wake up during the week. Stay up for at least an hour and then you can go back to sleep. This helps to train your body and makes it easier to wake up during the week.  

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. If you don’t have time to eat, bring a granola bar and fruit to eat on the bus or in the car. Your brain needs healthy fuel.


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Episode 505: Attendance Awareness Month

September is Attendance Awareness Month. District staff spotlight the positive impacts of students being at school and talk through the process in place for absences.

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