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Student Assessment

student writing

Student assessment of academic performance is conducted annually by the Texas Education Agency beginning in the 3rd grade. 

Additionally, there are opportunities for students in high school to earn college credit on Advanced Placement tests, demonstrate college readiness through the PSAT and SAT exams, and advance in content or grade level based on Credit by Exams. 

Local Assessments

In CCISD, student learning and assessment is built on the belief that all students will master the curriculum if provided the opportunity to learn in a manner that is consistent with each student's learning style. It is the expectation of the Board of Trustees and District administration that student assessment in the District shall be both a formative and summative process. 

2022-23 CCISD Local Assessment Calendar

State Assessments

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) program, which was implemented in spring 2012, includes annual assessments for Reading and Mathematics in grades 3–8, Writing at grades 4 and 7, Science at grades 5 and 8, Social Studies at grade 8, as well as end-of-course (EOC) assessments for English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology and U.S. History.

2022-23 CCISD State Assessment Calendar

National Assessments

Students are encouraged to take college entrance exams beginning in their junior year. The SAT and ACT are universally accepted college entrance exams for all colleges. The TSIA2 is another college entrance exam option for students interested in enrolling in public colleges and universities in Texas. 

Learn more about College Readiness Assessments

Credit by Examination

Clear Creek ISD offers Credit by Examination (CBE) for grade-level acceleration in accordance with Texas State Board of Education rules and District policy. The purpose of Credit by Exam is to allow a student to accelerate and earn credit without prior formal instruction in that grade.

CCISD offers four opportunities throughout the year for students to gain credit by examination. Exams are available for Kindergarten acceleration (summer only) and all grade levels 1-8 in accordance with the Texas State Board of Education rules and District policy.

Course Offerings

If by recommendation or personal preference, families are encouraged to learn more about the requirements on the grade-level information packets below.

For more information about Credit by Examination, please contact your campus counselor.