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Advanced Academics

CCISD is committed to closing the opportunity gap by recruiting and retaining students who are likely to succeed in advanced coursework. CCISD recommends that learners challenge themselves by participating in advanced academic programs.

In Advanced Academics, there is an increase in rigor with an emphasis on critical knowledge and skills designed to prepare students for college and careers. Taking advanced courses in intermediate and high school is the best way to prepare for college admission and college success. CCISD has a genuine commitment to preparing ALL students for challenging academic work. Honors and AP courses have open enrollment, and students are encouraged to reap the benefits of these offerings.


Why Consider Advanced Academics?

  • Taking a rigorous curriculum in high school is the best predictor of students’ ability to complete a bachelor's degree.
  • The number and quality of advanced courses a learner takes is more significant than GPA or class rank for predicting college success.
  • Students taking more advanced courses score about 2.4 points higher on the ACT composite than students taking standard graduation plan courses.
  • Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school have higher GPAs in college than students who do not take AP Courses.
  • Learners who have taken AP courses generally score higher on the SAT than learners who have not taken AP courses.
  • The number of advanced courses a learner takes in high school may be a factor considered by a college when making admission decisions.

Grades 6-8 OMEGA/Gifted and Talented Program Design

Each grade level has a team of teachers trained to work with advanced academics students. The academic core of the OMEGA/GT program is language arts, social studies and, in some cases, science. Opportunities in math are available to fit individual students' needs. Interdisciplinary curriculum is developed to challenge students while preparing them for the rigor of Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Critical reading, writing and research skills serve as foundation of Omega coursework.

Advanced Placement


Tami Carroll

Admin Assistant - Advanced Academics/Gifted Talented Director

Stanley Zavala