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District Accountability

The Clear Creek Independent School District is accountable for student academic performance through a multitude of local, state, and federal assessment and evaluation systems.

Local Accountability

Annually, the school district develops a report card to share data on the characteristics the CCISD community says are important when judging the quality of education. These data points are far more comprehensive than the state and federal accountability reports and include statistics from the number of students who earn college readiness certifications and superintendent honors to participation in athletics and level of parental involvement.

CCISD Community Based Accountability Report 2019-2020
First page of the PDF file: CCISDCommunityBasedAccountabilityReport2019-20Final

State Accountability

The Texas Education Agency issues an annual report card for each public school district, public school, and charter school in Texas. The Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) provides the public data on how students perform on the State Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) as well as other state-defined criteria such as graduation and attendance rates, staff data, and financial information.

2019–20 Texas Academic Performance Reports

Additionally, the School Report Card (SRC) combines accountability ratings, data from the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), and financial information to give a broad view of campus performance. Available for each campus in CCISD, the SRC is intended specifically to inform parents and guardians about a school's individual characteristics and its academic performance.

Click here to access School Report Cards and definitions of the terms used in the SRC.


Federal Accountability

The U.S. Department of Education also evaluates public school districts on various academic criteria and issues a federal report card for each school and school district in the United States of America. Federal funding is tied to student performance on certain assessments, student economic status, and student services such as special education.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires each State education agency to prepare and publish an annual report card with state, district, and campus-level data. Information on the report card includes accountability results, student achievement data, teacher quality information, and more.
Click here to access Federal Report Cards.


Research Requests

To conduct research in the District, a proposal must be submitted to and reviewed by the Clear Creek ISD's Research Review Board. The Research Review Board meets monthly to review proposals. 

Student Assessment

Student assessment of academic performance is conducted annually by the Texas Education Agency beginning in the 3rd grade. 

Additionally, there are opportunities for students in high school to earn college credit on Advanced Placement tests, demonstrate college readiness through the PSAT and SAT exams, and advance in content or grade level based on Credit by Exams.