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Thegoal of Clear Creek ISD’s My Anti-Drug program is to empower studentsand help them make healthy choices. Students are encouraged to considerwhat their "Anti-Drug" is and why it is more important to them thenexperimenting with illegal substances. The hope is that if the studentsare able to identify activities which are more important than drugs oralcohol, they will be less likely to experiment. This program also givesthe students a language to use when they refuse to use illegalsubstances.

At the secondary level, students will receive a form wherein they statetheir anti-drug and why it is more important to them than using drugs oralcohol. They are given an opportunity to submit their form to beconsidered as an "Anti-Drug" student. Pictures are taken and made intoposters of the selected students and their anti-drug. The posters aredistributed to all CCISD schools. Additionally, these students are askedto make guest appearances at elementary schools to encourage theyounger students to be drug-free and to select an anti-drug. Theappearances are usually in a classroom, auditorium/ assembly setting orat a school carnival.

Apply to be an Anti-Drug RepresentativeSoccer

Intermediate and high schools students wishing to apply to be anAnti-Drug Representative must fill out the Anti-Drug form and submit itto the address below:

CCISD Prevention Services
Attn: My Anti-Drug
2425 E. Main St.
League City, TX 77573

Students selected to be new representatives will be notified in writing.








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