Community-Based Accountability

Clear Creek ISD Community-Based Accountability System

The mission of the Clear Creek Independent School District is to provide educational opportunities so that students discover their unique talents and positively contribute to “Their World.” Our educators, parents, business and civic leaders, and school board members collectively agree the pathway to realize this mission is not beholden solely on improved results on Texas’ standardized student assessments. Our community has told us that student success is measured by what happens every day, in every school; the amount of human and financial resources invested in providing students varied opportunities; and the level of public trust and community involvement. The enclosed 2015-2016 Clear Creek Independent School District Community-Based Accountability Report is a true reflection of how the school district is doing in the areas most important and highly valued by parents, students, and community members throughout our area. Overall student achievement and the financial outlook for the school district have all improved year-to-year over the three years the district has produced this Community-Based Accountability report.  CCISD has been leading the way in advocating for and on behalf of communities across Texas to create their own local reporting system. I believe the level of detail and depth of this report will provide our stakeholders a solid and balanced look inside the school district.

CCISD Community-Based Accountability Reports





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