Posted on 01/30/2019
MapThe Clear Creek Independent School District School Boundary Advisory Committee will be hosting five public meetings throughout the month of January to seek public feedback on its proposed school boundary changes for the 2019-2020 school year. “The committee has worked tirelessly on creating a proposal that impacts the least amount of students, addresses overcrowding in many schools, develops attendance zone for the new Florence Campbell Elementary, and improves cohesive Pk-12 feeder patterns where practicable,” said Sara Holder, SBAC Committee Chair. “The next step of our process is to receive public input on our recommendations.”

Following the five public meetings, the committee will reconvene to determine if there is a need for an adjustment before making its final recommendation to the CCISD school board on February 25 during its regular scheduled meeting. The school board will have final approval on any attendance boundary changes.

Public Meeting Dates, Times and Locations

Tuesday, January 15

6:30 p.m.

Clear Lake High School

2929 Bay Area Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77062

*Thursday, January 17

6:30 p.m.

Clear Springs High School

501 Palomino Lane

League City, Texas 77573

Tuesday, January 22

6:30 p.m.

Clear Creek High School

2305 East Main Street

League City, Texas 77573

Thursday, January 24

6:30 p.m.

Clear Brook High School

4607 FM 2352

Friendswood, Texas 77546

*Tuesday, January 29

6:30 p.m.

Clear Falls High School

4380 Village Way

League City, Texas 77573

* January 17 and January 29 meetings will be available via livestream as well at



The public may also provide written feedback via this form prior to January 29, 2019 for consideration.

The preliminary recommendations along with updated maps are available here and listed below in summary.

North Pointe Elementary and Ward Elementary
The School Boundary Advisory Committee recommends moving 185 students from North Pointe Elementary to Ward Elementary. This recommendation involves the homes west of Highway 45 that are currently zoned to North Pointe. Ward Elementary is also closer to Highway 45 than North Pointe Elementary.

Brookwood Elementary and Robinson Elementary
This recommendation involves moving 30 students currently zoned for Brookwood Elementary to Robinson Elementary. This move provides for a continuous attendance zone along NASA Road 1 to Taylor Lake.

Landolt Elementary and Greene Elementary
It is recommended to move 64 students from Landolt Elementary to Greene Elementary. This minor boundary change includes removing two apartment complexes along FM 528 and moving them into Greene Elementary.

Hyde Elementary and Mossman Elementary
Due to overcrowding and projected growth in the furthest southwest side of the district, the committee recommends moving 237 students from Mossman Elementary to Hyde Elementary. This recommendation moves all the Lakes of South Shore neighborhoods from Mossman Elementary into Hyde Elementary School.

Goforth Elementary and Parr Elementary to League City Elementary
For the 2020-21 school year, the committee recommends extending the League City Elementary attendance zone from Texas Avenue to FM 270 and from SH 3 to IH 45 north of W. Main Street. Please note this would be a delayed boundary change due to the construction of the new League City Elementary.

Hall Elementary to Campbell Elementary
With the opening of the new Florence Campbell Elementary in August 2019, the committee is recommending the new school’s attendance zone is south of FM 518 and south of West League City Parkway. The attendance zone runs to the southernmost portion of the district in areas planned for future development as well as reduces the overcrowding at Hall Elementary.

Gilmore Elementary to Hall Elementary
Under this recommendation, Rustic Oaks along Bay Area Blvd will shift west to Hall Elementary.

Bauerschlag Elementary to Gilmore Elementary
The Landing subdivision is proposed to be zoned to Gilmore Elementary; no longer split between Gilmore Elementary and Bauerschlag Elementary as in the past. A small portion of Brittany Lakes south of League City Parkway west of Landing Boulevard will move to Gilmore Elementary under the proposal.

Intermediate Schools

Space Center Intermediate to Clear Lake Intermediate
The committee recommends moving all students who attend Clear Lake City Elementary to Clear Lake Intermediate. This move cleans up a feeder pattern issue so that all of Clear Lake City Elementary students can attend the same Pk-12 schools.

Seabrook Intermediate to Space Center Intermediate
This recommendation ensures students who attend Robinson Elementary will attend the same intermediate school. Currently, Robinson Elementary students split between Seabrook Intermediate and Space Center Intermediate. Under this plan, all of Robinson Elementary will attend the same intermediate school.

League City Intermediate and Bayside Intermediate to Clear Creek Intermediate
The committee recommends moving 215 students from League City Intermediate and 157 students from Bayside Intermediate to Clear Creek Intermediate. This recommended change will result in all of Hyde Elementary School attending Clear Creek Intermediate, rather than the current split between two schools.

High Schools

Clear Springs High School to Clear Brook High School
The committee recommends extending the Clear Brook High School boundary to FM 528, as well as bringing in Emerson Park Apartment Homes and the Reserve at Autumn Creek Apartments. This move of 243 students will reduce overcrowding at Clear Springs High School. Under this scenario, students who attend Greene Elementary will all attend Clear Brook High School, cleaning up a split feeder pattern.

Clear Falls High School to Clear Lake High School
To address overcrowding at Clear Falls High School, the committee recommends bringing the subdivisions along Kirby Road into Clear Lake High School. This change results in a feeder pattern of Robinson Elementary, to Space Center Intermediate to Clear Lake High School.

Clear Falls High School to Clear Creek High School
The proposal is to bring the Coronado Apartments back to Clear Creek High School.

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