Frequently Asked Questions

Clear Access Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do courses cost?

  • Courses cost $150 or $75 per course for CCISD students and $200 for non-CCISD students. 
  • How do I pay for a course?

    Payment for a course can be made at the time of online registration by credit card. 

    Payment not made at the time of registration can be paid to the campus bookkeeper or Clear Access office by cash, money order, or cashier's check made out to CCISD. Credit card payments made after the time of registration can be made only at the Clear Access office. Credit Card payments will have a 4.16% convenience charge. 
  • What courses are offered?

    Visit the webpage for Courses/Schedule.
  • How long is a course?

    Course length during the school year is 10 weeks and in the summer the course length is 5 weeks. Please check the website for the exact session dates. 

  • Is the course self-paced?

    Courses in Clear Access are partially self-paced with class checkpoints and a set final date. Clear Access teachers will provide class checkpoints and a suggested guide for the assignments to assist with course completion. Final exams will be given during the final exam week on the date set by the teacher. If for any reason you cannot take the final on the scheduled date, you must contact your teacher and the Clear Access office. 
  • If I drop a course do I get my money back?

    Classes may be dropped up to two weeks prior to the final but NO REFUND will be given.  All notification for dropping a class must sent to your teacher and the Clear Access office in writing.
  • How many online courses can I take?

    Discuss with your counselor what will work best for you. 
  • Can an incoming freshman take an online course?

    An incoming freshman is eligible to take World Geography and Personal Financial Literacy with counselor approval during the summer prior to their freshman year.
  • How do I register for a course?

    Course registration will be completed online with prior counselor approval. Payment must be received and recorded by the payment deadline to be enrolled in your class.
  • How do I access my classes?

    At the time of registration your counselor should provide you with a Welcome Letter with login instructions.  It can also be accessed from the home page of this website. 
  • When will my course be available?

    The course will be available on the first day for the session if you have paid. 
  • Does the grade count in your high school GPA?

    Grades earned in Clear Access courses taken outside of the school day shall not be used in computing grade point averages or class rankings. Clear Access courses fulfill requirements for state graduation credits. All grades will be posted on the transcript. 
  • How do I contact my teacher?

    Contact with the teacher should be via email. 
  • Does the student have to start on the first day of the session or can they begin anytime during the time period?

    All students should log into the course on the first day of the session. It is recommended that students log into the system every 48 hours to help with course completion. 
  • How do I submit assignments?

    Assignments should be submitted through itslearning unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. 
  • How often do I have to be online?

    It is recommended that students log into their class on the first day of class and at least every 48 hours to assist with class completion. If you cannot log on every 48 hours, it is important that you communicate with your teacher when you will be working on your class. If there is an issue with logging in during the first week of class, you should notify the Clear Access office in writing the week prior to the start of class so the appropriate teacher can be contacted.
  • If I am having problems with an assignment or submitting an assignment who do I contact?

    Your teacher is always the first point of contact for any issues with assignments and submitting work. Your teacher will contact the Clear Access office at 281-284-1550 if additional assistance is needed. 
  • Is the final exam required?

    An online final exam is required during the last week of the course on a date set by your teacher. If for any reason you cannot take the final on the assigned date you will need to notify your teacher and the Clear Access office to make alternate arrangements.
  • What if I have a conflict with finishing the class and the final exam schedule?

    All classes must end on time. If there are conflicts with ending the class, all work must be completed prior to the ending date of the class and the final taken in advance. If alternate arrangements need to be made for your final, you must contact your teacher and the Clear Access office. 
  • Where do I get textbooks if required for the class?

    Information for accessing the online textbook will be provided in the class. 
  • If I am having technical problems with the system who do I contact?

    Contact the Help Desk at 281-284-4357 or 281-284-HELP. 
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